This space is a multifunctional public and socio productive space of almost 6 thousand m2 located in the outskirts of Barquisimeto state in Venezuela. Is is not only a space, it is also a community with a huge culture and struggle spirit. The program is composed by 6 shipping containers (cafe, Infocenter, radio, multiple purpose saloon, construction atelier and textile atelier), open areas as ludic plaza, gym, multisport field and cooking area.


The government program is called Spaces for Peace (Espacios de Paz). Los Cerrajones as the other spaces is in the top ten list of more dangerous areas of the country. The idea is through a social project and socio- productive initiative contribute to transform the reality from the inside, without repression. The main actors of this transformation are: The people that live around the area (the comunity), the developers of the project (Lab.Pro.Fab, Oficina Informal and Insitu), producers (Gran Misión Saber y Trabajo) and coordinators (439, Oficina Lúdica and Anabell Méndez)


When we started the project the surface was fragmented and disjointed. The loneliness state of the space made it more dangerous. Through the construction and complementaries activities like public assemblies the space changed into a more secure and truly public space where the community is empowered to live their project